Jafar Curry

Jafar Curry is a well known and respected international entertainer, vocalist, pianist, songwriter and recording artist with song and performance credits ranging from Atlanta Georgia to Bangkok Thailand. Jafar's career started at the age of 15 singing tenor with vocal groups in high school where he also discovered his love of instrumentation and began playing the piano and guitar. Jafar's shows are characteristically staged with a piano and several synthesizers while singing with a complete rhythm section and 2 or 3 piece horn section. With an international performance career that spans more than 10 years and nearly 2 decades of songwriting Jafar has traveled to many of the top live music venues throughout the world. Currently based in the USA and Thailand Jafar is actively working on the release of his newest project 'Blue Music', a collection of soul, jazz, blues and rock fusion with modern contemporary influences.  Jafar's i-tunes releases include 'Jafar EP' 2004, 'Thoughts From My Room' 2006 and '8EEN' 2014. Jafar has graced stages with his highly original shows in Beijing China, London, England, Bangkok, Thailand, Kuramathi, Maldives, and Essaouira, Morocco just to name a few.